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About Us

FedEx Virtual is the largest cargo-only Virtual Airline currently operating on the Infinite Flight platform, with our pilot base consistently averaging 130+ members and 3351+ real-world flight routes. We strive to please our members looking for the laid-back fun-going Virtual Airline as well as those looking for the feel of realism. Our members gain access to all FedEx Liveried aircraft from day one, that’s right!..the trainee can fly any of our FedEx liveried aircraft. With exception of our codeshare aircraft, we want our guys out flying and having a great time. Whether you are a FedEx Express enthusiast or just someone that has a more broad love of the cargo aspect of aviation on the Infinite Flight platform, we have something for you


Our Mission Statement

It is the mission of FedEx Virtual to move the world! To provide a fun, exciting, and safe place for Infinite Flight pilots to come and explore the cargo aspect of aviation. To provide knowledge and guidance to those that seek it. To share our passion for the cargo component of Infinite Flight’s platform, with pilots across all parts of the world. To provide a place free of any form of discrimination. To be fair, caring, and kind to all members. To uphold the highest standards of IF and IFVARB. Across all Communication platforms


Communication Platform