FedEx Virtual Pilot Awards:

Welcome to the awards page! Below you will find the awards that FedEx Virtual offers our pilots. Everything from the pilots wings our members earn after completing their check ride process to landing Competition awards. Some awards may not represented on this page, but will be soon! Come earn your FDXV pilot wings with us today.

The Five Star Award The Five Star award recognizes team members who have enhanced FedEx Virtual and exemplified the spirit of teamwork. Chief Officers nominate members for this annual award, the highest honor at FedEx Virtual.
Purple Promise Award Bestowed to members that consistently deliver superior service to FedEx Virtual. Must be nominated by VA Staff.
Bravo Zulu Award The Bravo Zulu Ribbon, derived from the U.S. Navy signal meaning “well done,” is distributed to members within FedEx Virtual for outstanding performance beyond normal expectations.
Staff Service Award Recognizes exemplary member efforts after serving for 90 days or longer on the FedEx Virtual Staff Team.
Pilot of the Month Award Bestowed to members by the Chief Officers of the VA in recognition of a high level of activity with the VA over a prolonged period, Awarded monthly to one pilot of the VA.
One Year Service Award Salutes team members when they complete One year of continuous service to FedEx Virtual and honors them at each subsequent one-year anniversary.
World Tour Pilot Recognizes members that complete all legs associated with World Tour One.
1000 Hour Award Awarded to members that have logged 1000 hours.
2000 Hours Award Awarded to members that have logged 2000 hours.
10 Million Award Recognizes FedEx Virtual pilots that have carried 10 million or more pounds of cargo over their membership with us.
Trade Network Award Awarded to FDXV pilots that have completed at least 10 Trade Network flights.
IF Achievement Award Awarded to members that are in a representative role or actively serving in organizations to better the IF community such as IFVARB & IFAET.
Discord Server Booster Discord Server Booster Ribbon is bestowed to those members that have chosen to use a Discord Server Boost on our server.
IFATC Member Award Awarded to members of FedEx Virtual that also serve as an IFATC member.