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Welcome to FedEx Virtual Group!


Consistently averaging 135+ members, FedEx Virtual is the largest cargo-only virtual airline currently certified through the IFVARB to operate on the Infinite Flight platform. It is the mission of FedEx Virtual to move the world! To provide a fun, exciting, and safe place for Infinite Flight pilots to come and explore the cargo aspect of aviation.

FedEx Virtual operates the most extensive and comprehensive flight schedule of any cargo-only virtual airline currently certified with our database totaling 3351+ routes. Our mainline routes operate in and out of 18 air hubs across the Infinite Flight globe.

Founded on October 15th, 2020 & Commenced Operations on November 3rd, 2020. Nominated best virtual airline and best VA / Vo website of 2021. FedEx Express Virtual strives to be a leading cargo VA within the Infinite Flight Community.

A Message From Our Chairman & CEO - Jason M.

Welcome to the website and crew center for FedEx Virtual.

Greetings, future FDXV pilots! I'm excited that you've taken the time to have a look at our VA. It is my pleasure to be serving as the 2nd President & CEO of FedEx Express Virtual. I joined FDXV as a pilot back in 2018. Over the past few years, I have flown as a pilot, served as staff in multiple positions and now I'm here as the Chairman. Since we resumed operations in October 2020, we have seen exponential growth and progress take place in our VA. Over 3 years of innovative and clever leadership has led us to become the biggest and most successful cargo VA. So prospective FDXV pilots I encourage you to join our large and thriving community. An experience, unlike anything you've ever experienced before awaits you in FedEx Express Virtual Airline! Please browse and enjoy our site to see all the things we offer our professional virtual pilots and we hope to hear from you soon!!

I hope to see you in the IF skies soon! The World on Time...

Join Infinite Flight's Foremost Cargo VA!